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    With information through this website with local content including vendors, products and service providers as well as specialists and a directory of schools and so much more.  Like our page on Facebook as well to connect with other mums around the country and share your world as a mother.




    Supamamas organizes frequent events to Inspire, Inform and Connect mothers with each other.


    At our events women enjoy plenty of giveaways and we thank all of our sponsors who come on board to make mums feel special especially. We have worked closely with Haco, Bank of Africa, Sweet Inspirations, Slim Therapy, Rafiki Micro Finance. Get in touch if you are a company that targets women and children.




    Supamamas & Pampers celebrated Kenyan mums through the “Mama Pampering Event”.


    Well known mums such as Pinky Ghelani and Suzie Wokabi (Beauty) joined over 200 Nairobi mums at Pride Inn Centre, Westlands to enjoy a measure of luxury and a reprieve from everyday routine, in appreciation of the important role that mothers play in bringing up their children.

    During the Mamas Appreciation Day, mums from across the city were pampered with manicures, make-over and all-round red carpet treatment. In addition, a number of pertinent issues affecting mums across economic divides were addressed. Mums had candid discussions with coaches and experts on maintaining a healthy work-family balance, hair and skin care guidelines from experts.




    Wide collection available at Kids Vids -both educational and for entertainment



    Understand changes happening to you & your growing baby.


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Do you ever wonder how its like living with a child with special needs?
Meet Prison Warden Lucy Kafura, she is a mother of two lovely Children Travis and Tracy.

When she became pregnant with Travis  in 2002, Lucy was excited and in love. Unfortunately, when she shared the news with the man of her dreams, he  could hear none of it and abandoned her. Single and pregnant, Lucy  resorted to focus on her baby and was very excited about her pregnancy.

When her baby was born, she noticed something was different with him. At  one year and a half, he was diagnosed with Autism. One time, Lucy bumped into Travis’ father in 2005 , still he had no interest in knowing the child or helping out. She has chosen to forget about him.

In her mabati house which she calls home, she survives on her meagre salary as a prison warden, and has learnt to make do as she makes her son Travis as soon as possible. They have several challenges at home, for instance at 11 years old her son is not fully potty trained and is shunned by the neighborhood kids. However his mother is proud that having joined Waithaka Special School, her son is able to feed himself. It has been a long journey and even getting a house help to stay was not easy. Waithaka Special School is a boarding school; this has helped to ease the challenge, but she misses her son alot while he is away.

Her greatest desire is to take her child to a better school, because Waithaka  has over 100 pupils and she wishes she could get a place where Travis can be rehabilitated further in order to be more independent. She also struggles with the day to day needs to feed her family. She takes a day at a time and like any mother would love to do the very best for her children.

If you can help Lucy Kafura in any way, you can get in touch with her on  0723 658770.


You can also email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will connect you with her.





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